Project Development Consultation

We offer professional engineering services, up to and including turn-key Build-to-suit projects.  Our engineers work with many different programs, including Autodesk, Creo Parametric, Revit, and ReCap.

3D Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is a non-contact technology that digitally captures the exact size and shape of objects or buildings.  It collects 15 Million data points per minute, and produces precise color images of complex structures. It is ideally suited to save time and money on large-scale remodeling, updating, and retro-fit projects.


Facility Expansion

One of KBM’s strengths is the optimization of new equipment in existing buildings. Our extensive background helps us anticipate needs and limitations of the project ahead of time, so that when the time comes to install, we can minimize down time.

Commercial Diving, Welding, and Material Retrieval

KBM has certified divers who are able to do the same work underwater that can be done above ground. Our divers have commercial dive gear with full communications, and excel in Welding, Fabricating, Hydraulic Drilling, and Pumping.  We can also take Underwater Videos, allowing you and your engineers to see problems in real-time.  Finally, we can write up our findings and give you our recommendations for the best or most cost efficient way to repair your issues. 

bin cleaning

Bin Cleaning

We have trained crews that can loosen and remove your old product stuck in silos.  We can also provide for Confined Entry (3 man team required), with Air Monitoring and Lift Equipment as needed.

Precision Millwright work

We have crews available to safely tear down, inspect, repair/replace, and re-assemble turbines and generators. This includes individuals experienced with laser alignment, vibration analysis, and safely bringing units back online. 


Custom Fabrication


Manlift/Elevator Inspection

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Emergency Repairs


Silo/Bin Whip & Cleaning



3-D Scanning